Brittany Cartwright shuts down fan speculating about son Cruz, Jax Taylor split

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Brittany Cartwright won’t have it for her son Cruz or the Jax Taylor separation.

Cartwright, who is separated from her former husband Jax Taylor, strongly supported her son Cruz against internet bullies who questioned his well-being.

The 35-year-old Vanderpump Rules star reminded her 1.8 million Instagram followers in a recent message that was posted to her Instagram Story on Tuesday that people were welcome to judge her, but not her young baby.

“You guys can reel in the drama of my life I don’t care but leave my innocent son’s name out of it!!!” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

“Don’t act like you know anything about him watching 30 mins of a show recorded last summer.”

She added that she does “everything” she “possibly can for” her toddler, who she pushed was a “perfect and innocent child.”

“I will not have strangers acting like they know what’s going on in his life,” the mother-of-one concluded. “Talk about me, talk about his father, I don’t care, but enough is enough!!!!!”

Maybe the TV personality’s anger was after feeling hit by some “comments about her son’s well-being.”

“It hurts Brittany to read comments about her son’s well-being,” a source told People

“She is highly protective over her son as any caring mother would be. Despite what she is going through personally in her marriage, her and Jax have always and continue to put their son first.”

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