BTS Jin surprises fans with video update amid military service, hints at band reunion

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BTS Jin, who is currently serving his mandatory military service, surprised fans with an impromptu livestream on Friday.

The musician shared the video on BangtanTV’s YouTube channel which also featured cameos from Jungkook and V.

As Jin was greeting his fans, he was interrupted by a door closing to which he said, “Jungkook just popped in and left.”

He then went on talking about the month, “September is the month when even horses gain weight. A season when the sky is high…” He also asked fans to wear coats and read books… Autumn.”

The musician gushed about the season where one can ‘wear a coat,’ ‘dress up a little, and maybe even wear glasses.’ He then added, “It’s a season where even your heart feels full.”

He told his fans to eat well and teased BTS reunion soon. “You need to stay healthy and store energy so that when we come back you can come see our concerts too.”

Jin continued, “You need to keep your strength up to listen to music. When we come out with our music please listen to it fuelled by energy. If you do that, there’s nothing more I could ask for.”

At this point V also makes an appearance and greets the fans in the video. “I am Kim Taehyun,” he introduces himself and bows.

Jin ended the video sharing that he is filming “a lot of videos right now and there’s more to come. I’d just appreciate it if you take the time to see me.”

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