Donald Trump hush money case: ‘Cohen made $3.4m from books on ex-president’

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Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen made about $3.4 million – from two books he wrote about Trump. 

This was revealed as the former president’s lawyers told the court during the hearing of the hush money case. Trump’s lawyers tried to show that Cohen was just trying to get money and revenge.

Cohen had also insulted Trump on social media, calling him names like ‘dictator’ and ‘cartoon villain’. He made about $400,000 from his second book, ‘Revenge: How Donald Trump Used the US Justice Department Against His Critics’. His first book, ‘Disloyal: The Real Story of Trump’s Former Personal Lawyer’, made him even more money.

Trump’s lawyers questioned Cohen about his claim that Trump had approved a secret payment to a porn star named Stormy Daniels. Cohen had worked for Trump for many years and had already answered questions from prosecutors for about nine hours.

Cohen said that Trump had told him to pay Daniels in 2016 to keep quiet about an alleged sexual encounter. This was so it wouldn’t ruin Trump’s campaign for president. But Trump’s lawyers also pointed out that Cohen had a history of lying and had even gone to prison for crimes including the secret payment.

Donald Trump’s lawyers suggested that Cohen was more interested in money and revenge than in justice. They also showed the jury pictures of merchandise with Trump’s image that Cohen was selling on his website.

Cohen is a key witness in Trump’s trial, which started on April 15. His cross-examination will continue on Thursday. 

Trump, who is 77 and running for president again in 2024, has pleaded not guilty and denies having a sexual encounter with Daniels. 

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