‘Green lady’ of Brooklyn who is living her life in one colour

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An 83-year-old woman named Elizabeth Eaton, also known as Sweetheart has been wearing the colour green for the past 20 years. 

She is a beloved figure in her Brooklyn neighbourhood and a spark of happiness for everyone around, the New York Post reported.

Dubbed “The Green Lady” by the locals, Sweetheart has nearly a million followers on Instagram. 

She frequently posts pictures of herself living in green. She says, “People are wonderful when they see me, they smile, they are happy and they love to take photos, they take selfies and we hug each other, it’s very positive.”

During an appearance at a British talk show “This Morning”, she shared her love for the colour green, saying, “I think it’s because I love colour, I have worn a lot of colour through my life and green just seemed to be the happiest, it makes everyone happy and it’s easy to live with.”

Sweetheart opened her house for the talk show crew to get a view inside the green abode, from green wardrobe to green crockery, to green furniture, anything you lay eyes on in her house will be green.

Sweetheart was born in Nova Scotia, where her mother taught her to sew clothes. In 1964, she hitchhiked to New York where she began working in the garment industry.

Sweetheart and her husband Robert have been happily married together for the past 56 years.

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