In a counterattack, man kills snake after biting it back twice

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In an unusual incident, a man in India killed a snake which had bitten him by biting the reptile back twice. 

According to Hindustan Times, a railway employee Santosh Lohar was bitten by a snake. The man proceeded to bite the snake back thinking it would reverse the venom’s effect.

The snake died after being bitten by Santosh while he was taken to a hospital where he survived after proper medical treatment. He was discharged the next day.

Santosh, 35, was a part of team laying railway tracks in a thickly-forested part of Rajauli and he was bitten by a snake when he was lying down to sleep.

The railway worker, without a second thought, held the snake and bit it twice, believing the local myth that biting the reptile back would save the person who was bitten.

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