Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin postpones space travel due to technical difficulties

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Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin had to postpone its much-anticipated return to space on Monday due to technical difficulties, however, the company promised to try again later this week.

Since an unmanned September 2022 crash put the company’s programme on hold while it made repairs and sought regulatory certification, Jeff Bezos’s space company has not launched a rocket, AFP reported.

Finally, the business declared that it would launch on December 18 from its facility close to Van Horn, Texas. However, due to the frigid weather on the actual day, it first moved back the takeoff.

“We’re scrubbing #NS24 today due to a ground system issue the team is troubleshooting. We’ll provide a new launch target for this week soon,” Blue Origin said.

Before Blue Origin can resume transporting affluent thrill-seekers to the final frontier, mission NS-24 must be successful, even though the rocket’s payload will consist of scientific experiments rather than people.

Shortly after launch on September 12, 2022, a Blue Origin rocket caught fire. The capsule, which was attached to the rocket’s top, launched an emergency separation procedure with success and descended to the earth without incident using its parachutes.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducted a year-long investigation into the accident and discovered that the failure of an engine nozzle caused by higher-than-expected engine operating temperatures was the cause.

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