Kentucky couple finally wins $50k lottery after losing ticket

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A Kentucky couple finally got their $50,000 lottery reward after trying to find the missing ticket for several months, People reported.

According to Kentucky Lottery officials, it all started when Mark Perdue, a frequent customer of AM Express in Bowling Green, bought a Powerball ticket for the October lottery game.

When he returned about a week later to purchase a soda, he was congratulated by the owner. Upon finding out that he had won, he tried finding the ticket but he had lost it.

After more than three months of looking for it, Perdue and his wife concluded that it was lost for good. 

“I’ve been beating myself up for three months, thinking I threw this ticket away,” his wife told lottery officials. “I did throw a ticket away, but it was an older ticket. Then I convinced myself, maybe it was this ticket.”

Fortunately, Perdue found the ticket while inspecting a car.

In early February, a manager from another plant was in town for a visit and needed a company car. And when Perdue inspected the vehicle, he saw the winning Powerball ticket in the front seat.

“I picked it up, and I saw October 30th, and I said, ‘That’s my ticket!'” remarked Purdue.

The relieved couple then dropped by lottery headquarters and left with a check for $36,000 after taxes. The Perdues said they would use their winnings to pay off their bills and maybe even go on a vacation.

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