Lea Michele takes ‘final bow’ at ‘Funny Girl’ Broadway gig

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Lea Michele has been considering what the experience has meant to her as she prepares to perform Fanny Brice in the Broadway musical version of Funny Girl for the final time on Sunday night.

In a statement published on her verified Instagram profile on Sunday, Michele referred to her time as Brice as “the role of a lifetime,” noting that it was “an opportunity my younger self could have only dreamed of.”

“From watching ‘Funny Girl’ for the first time while I was in ‘Spring Awakening,’ to singing the songs on ‘Glee’ as Rachel Berry, to performing in front of Barbra Streisand at MusicCares, to holding my newborn son in my arms when I learned that this spectacular show would be returning to Broadway,” she wrote, adding “To now, my final performance and the final curtain close of what was a truly exceptional chapter of my life.”


According to a statement sent to CNN in March, the revival of “Funny Girl” will end on Sunday night.

The 1964 Broadway debut of the Tony-nominated production starring Barbra Streisand served as the model for the 1968 Oscar-winning movie “Funny Girl.”

When the performance debuted in April of last year, Beanie Feldstein played Brice, the renowned performer from the early 20th century who falls in love with gambler Nick Arnstein.

Feldstein’s debut was met with a barrage of obstacles, including a deluge of unfavorable reviews, and Michele eventually took Feldstein’s place as Brice in September 2022 after the Booksmart star announced her departure.

The Glee star acknowledged the challenges she faced when she took on the role, writing that the experience “has been filled with some of the most incredible accomplishments and challenging moments that I have such deep appreciation and gratitude for.”

Crediting her cast and crew for helping her learn “the true importance of connection, community, and fun,” she wrote she’s “damn proud of what we’ve accomplished together.”

She continued by thanking the people who come out to watch her play every night as well as her family, husband, and son for their support.

“As I take my final bow tonight, I’m carrying all of these overwhelming emotions with me as I end an unbelievable chapter of my life,” she said, adding: “Broadway has changed my life in the most unforgettable ways.”

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