Massive explosion rocks Tashkent airport in Uzbekistan

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A massive explosion has been reported near Tashkent Airport, the capital of Uzbekistan in Thursday’s wee hours.

The blast, which was felt more than 30 kilometers away, has raised considerable concerns among authorities and the public.

The explosion is believed to have originated at a customs warehouse close to the airport.

Although details surrounding the incident remain limited at this time, the event has sparked widespread concern and garnered immediate attention. Eyewitnesses, as cited by the news website Nova24, described the explosion as having caused a column of flames and smoke that pierced the night sky.

Uzbek news website Daryo reported early on Thursday that the Ministry of Emergency Situations had confirmed an explosion in Tashkent. The source of the blast, as per the Ministry, was a warehouse located in a district near the city’s airport.

Despite the explosion, flights at Tashkent International Airport appeared to operate normally, according to data from flight tracking website FlightRadar24. However, a notice to airmen issued on Wednesday night stated that a runway at the airport would be closed for takeoff and landing for a specified period on Thursday, without providing a reason.

A social media post by Daryo revealed that the Ministry of Emergency Situations had received a call reporting a fire resulting from a powerful explosion at one of the warehouses situated in Tashkent’s Sergeli district. 

Firefighters and rescue teams swiftly arrived at the scene, where they are currently working to extinguish the fire. As of now, details regarding injuries and casualties resulting from the incident remain unknown. 

Authorities have yet to provide an official statement on the explosion, and investigations are ongoing to determine the exact cause and impact of this alarming event. 

Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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