Mohammed Bin Salman’s $1.5 trillion megacity Neom is just another Nottingham

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Mohammed Bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, will house a city of nine million people, where people imagine that there will be no cars or streets but flying taxis.

A giant fake moon, animatronic dinosaurs, and an army of robots to harvest food, cook and clean for the pampered population will also be there and as for carbon emissions, they will be zero, according to Daily Mail.

There would be nothing like this city named Neom anywhere, at least on this planet, as fantastical concept pictures showed.

However, as Saudi Arabia scales down work on the city of Neom, it will now only be home to a mere 300,000 barely the size of Nottingham, instead of housing 1.5 million by the end of the decade with plans to reach its full capacity of nine million people.

Though on a substantially increased timeframe, officials insist the original vision remains the same.

As people at the highest levels of the Saudi government have reportedly expressed concern at its stratospheric cost, at least one contractor has been dismissing workers involved in the project.

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