One dead, several injured in cable car mishap in southern Turkey

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Tragedy struck in the southern Turkish province of Antalya as one person lost their life and ten others sustained injuries in a cable car accident, confirmed by the interior ministry.

The incident occurred when a cable car cabin collided with a broken pole on Friday afternoon, leaving twenty-four cabins suspended in the air.

Despite continuous rescue efforts, over sixty individuals remained stranded in nine cabins even sixteen hours later, with a total of 112 individuals ultimately rescued.

Chairman Okay Memis of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority assured reporters that none of the awaiting rescues faced critical injuries.

The rescue operation, involving seven helicopters and over 500 personnel, aimed for completion before sunset.

Video footage released by the interior ministry depicted rescue personnel utilizing safety ropes to access the stranded cabins.

The cable car, with 36 cabins each accommodating six people, typically takes nine minutes to ascend to the Tunektepe facility, offering panoramic vistas of Antalya city.

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