Pakistani Karting champion Enaam Ahmed wins historic victory against India

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LONDON/DUBAI: Karting champion Enaam Ahmed has made history as he achieved Pakistan’s first-ever top 4 finish at the Nations Cup during the Dubai 12-Hour Endurance Karting Race.

Ahmed, the driving force behind team Pakistan, also delivered a resounding victory over arch-rivals India, with a staggering 9-lap lead.

Ahmed led his team to an extraordinary performance on the demanding circuit, outpacing over thirty competitors and making history for Pakistan in the world of karting. Maz Chughtai’s strategic prowess and unwavering focus propelled team Pakistan to new heights, earning them a well-deserved place among the top contenders in the fiercely contested race.

Ahmed said he chose the “two most talented drivers from Pakistan” to make the team Pakistan — Maz Chughtai and Shamiq Saeed. Chughtai is a multiple-karting champion in Dubai.

Saeed was hand-picked by Ahmed from Karachi. He said: “Shamiq was the only driver from Pakistan other than Uzair Magsi who has natural speed and immense talent.”

In the qualifying round, team Pakistan managed to secure 2nd in the nations cup and 4th overall against 30 of the absolute best endurance teams from around the world. This meant that the team started the race right at the front of the field with the best of the best.

Not only did team Pakistan achieve a historic top-4 finish, but they also delivered a remarkable victory over India, showcasing their dominance on the track with an impressive 9-lap lead even after dropping to 30th place due to an unlucky puncture. Without this puncture the team Pakistan would have surely finished on the podium.

Ahmed expressed his pride in leading team Pakistan to such an unprecedented success, stating: “It’s an honour to represent Pakistan and to achieve this milestone alongside my teammates. We worked tirelessly to make our country proud, and to also secure a commanding victory over India adds an extra layer of satisfaction to our accomplishment.”

The Dubai 12-Hour Endurance Karting Race is known for its challenging conditions and intense competition, making the team Pakistan’s achievement even more commendable.

“Their triumph serves as a testament to the talent and dedication within Pakistan’s motorsports community and highlights the country’s potential on the global stage. This victory not only underscores Pakistan’s prowess in motorsports but also opens a new chapter whereby a new generation of drivers will be inspired,” he said.

Ahmed is the first British Formula 3 Champion as well as the only FIA World and European Karting champion from Pakistan. He is the only man who has the reputation and respect in global motorsports racing many current F1 drivers to lead the next generation of Pakistani drivers into circuit racing.

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