Rumors around attacks on Russian Black Sea fleet warships

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There are rumours around the reported attacks on Russian Navy vessels in the Black Sea Fleet.

The Ukraine Defence Ministry announced that the Project 266M Akvamarin class minesweeper Kovrovets was destroyed during the night between May 18-19, off the coast of Crimea.

“Another bad day for the Russian Black Sea fleet,” the ministry wrote on social media. “Great job, warriors!”

Multiple sources suggest that one or two Russian warships, including the missile corvette Tsiklon and minesweeper Kovrovets, have been damaged or destroyed in recent attacks by the Ukrainian forces.

The ministry’s statement sparked rumours of further attacks on Russian Navy vessels, including the Project 22800 Karakurt class missile corvette Tsiklon.

These claims of attacks have not been confirmed so far. Also, satellite images of attack were issued however these images do not verify the damage or destruction of either vessel.

The scenario surrounding the attacks remains unclear. Ukrainian officials, on the other hand, are emphasising their victories over Russia’s naval power. Many of the Russian Navy’s main warships were compelled to relocate from Crimea to Novorossiysk in Russia’s Krasnodar area.

If Ukraine continues to strike Russian naval vessels and infrastructure in the Black Sea, the fleet will suffer significant losses. The attacks will also deplete the Russia’s strike and logistics capability ultimately. Russia will also be forced to cut down its naval presence in the western Black Sea.

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