Simon Harris poised to become Ireland’s youngest-ever PM

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After sudden resignation of outgoing Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, his ruling party Fine Gael has chosen Simon Harris as their new head, paving way for him to be the country’s youngest-ever Prime Minister.

At 37 years old, Harris would be the youngest Taoiseach, ever since Irelands ever had. Varadkar (who resigned because of both personal and political reasons) became famous in 2017 when he succeeded young king at the age of 38 and it time became the youngest prime minister in Irish history.

As Chairperson of a Fine Gael district conference in County West Meath, Harris showed his appreciation and determination to help the party and in serving Ireland. He promised to fulfil his duty in return to the confidence of the Irish people which he had been entrusted with an image of humility and determination.

In his speech, Harris also said that Varadkar has incredible leadership skills that helped Ireland to tackle problems, like Brexit and the pandemic, and also made his people accept social change.

Before her rise to the leadership position, Harris spent some years as the minister for higher education and further education. His track record of being Ireland’s health minister from May 2016 to June 2020 shows his competence and willingness to serve the public, as notified by FineGaelOnline platform.

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