Unknown man breaches airport security in Australia, walks on tarmac

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A bizarre incident took place at the Sydney International Airport, Australia where an unknown 30-year-old man entered the airfield and attempted to enter a nearby passenger plane, reported 9 News.

Authorities in Sydney responded to a call about an unknown person breaching airport security and “entering through the main screening area”.

He also made his way to the tarmac, before being arrested by the local police.

In a statement, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said that the male was intercepted.

“AFP officers arrested a man, 30, who allegedly ran through the main screening area and gained access to restricted areas, including the apron”, the statement noted.

The outlet described the apron as an area where the baggage of passengers is loaded on the lane outside the terminal before they taxi to the runways.

Outside the terminal, the person was witnessed roaming across the top of an aerobridge later allegedly running through the screening area inside the airport terminal.

Later on, he allegedly attempted to enter the cargo hold of a passenger flight bound for Sri Lanka, however, officials of the airport intervened and the arrest was made.

Authorities said that the apprehended person was taken to the hospital for medical assessment.

He was not charged despite court attendance but he was banned from entering the Sydney Internal Airport for 12 months. 

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