US sends second warship to deter aggression against Israel amid Gaza crisis

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The United States has deployed a second aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean in a robust display of support for Israel’s security in the midst of the ongoing conflict in Gaza.  

The move comes as President Joe Biden underscores the necessity of protecting civilian lives during the hostilities between Israel and Hamas.

The USS Eisenhower, along with its affiliated warships, has joined the USS Ford carrier strike group, which arrived earlier this week. The deployment serves to demonstrate the unwavering commitment of the United States to Israel’s security, with the goal of deterring any actions, whether from states or non-state actors, that could further escalate the conflict.

The Israeli military is currently preparing for a possible ground offensive against Hamas militants in Gaza. As a result, more than one million people in the northern part of Gaza have been ordered to evacuate, leading humanitarian organizations to express deep concerns over the impending crisis that may ensue.

President Biden, in his discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, affirmed his support for safeguarding civilian lives. The White House stated that the leaders discussed US coordination with international partners, such as the United Nations, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, to ensure that innocent civilians in the region have access to essential necessities like water, food, and medical care.

President Biden also spoke with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmud Abbas for the first time since hostilities began. During the conversation, he condemned Hamas’ actions, characterizing them as a brutal attack on Israel. 

He expressed his belief that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people’s desire for dignity and self-determination.

Furthermore, President Biden pledged “full support” to the Palestinian Authority in its efforts to provide humanitarian aid, particularly to those in Gaza.

The recent wave of violence was ignited by a Hamas raid that breached the heavily fortified border between the Gaza Strip and Israel. Tragically, more than 1,300 people were killed as a result. Health officials in Gaza have reported that Israel’s response has led to over 2,200 casualties, with a significant proportion being civilians.

In a call with his Israeli counterpart, Yoav Gallant, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin emphasised the importance of adhering to the laws of war, including obligations to protect civilians, and addressed the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza. 

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