Four students wounded in Atlanta High School Shooting

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Four students from Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta found themselves caught in a barrage of gunfire as they left the campus on Wednesday. 

The assailant, firing from a vehicle, targeted the lower campus parking lot shortly after dismissal, leaving the school community shaken.

The Atlanta Public Schools district reported that the victims were promptly attended to by the Atlanta Public Schools Police Department and Atlanta Fire Rescue. All four students were swiftly transported to the hospital, with their injuries confirmed as non-life-threatening.

The district issued a statement stressing the importance of the safety and security of students and staff. As investigations into the incident commence, all scheduled events at the school have been canceled.

Despite the alarming nature of the incident, no other students, faculty, or staff were harmed. The school district, equipped with its own police department, takes the lead in addressing the shooting, with the Atlanta Police collaborating in the ongoing investigation.

The lack of an immediate description of the vehicle adds a layer of complexity to the case, leaving authorities with additional challenges in their pursuit of the assailant.

This unfortunate event unfolds against the backdrop of a previous shooting incident near the school campus in May, where a 16-year-old lost their life. However, it’s noteworthy that this incident occurred outside school hours, around 2:30am, during an unauthorised gathering near a school driveway.

The urgency to address security concerns becomes even more pressing in the wake of repeated security breaches near Benjamin E. Mays High School.

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