‘Not sure Bushra Bibi will stand by Imran’

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ISLAMABAD: Syed Inamullah Shah, the former in-charge of ex-prime minister Imran Khan’s Bani Gala residence, said Saturday he was not sure whether the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief’s wife Bushra Bibi would stand by his side in the days to come as they face uphill tasks on the legal front.

Since Imran’s ouster as the prime minister in April 2022, both — the PTI chief and his wife — have faced multiple cases that eventually led to the cricketer-turned-politician’s incarceration and disqualification.

Sources had also told The News that Bushra Bibi may find her in serious trouble in the near future as the National Accountability Bureau is cross-checking certain pieces of “evidence” which, if confirmed, would change her status Bibi from a “witness” to “accused”.

The evidence, it is said, pertains to some financial transactions that Bushra Bibi allegedly received.

Shah made several revelations on Geo News talk show “Jirga” and detailed several instances, claiming that he was close to Imran’s wife and oversaw several personal affairs.

During the show, host Saleem Safi asked Shah whether he thinks — due to him being a person who was close to Bushra — Imran’s wife would stand by him amid the ongoing crisis.

“You can’t be sure when it comes to her (Bushra),” he replied and added: “We can’t say for sure whether she will stand with him or not.”

“We can’t say this for sure because there were several people about whom we thought would stand by Khan sahab, this included several party bigwigs as well,” he said.

The show’s host said but those were political personalities. In response, Shah noted that it wasn’t just politicians, but Imran’s close friends had also parted ways with him.

“She is stuck in such a situation […] that I believe that it won’t be too long [before she leaves],” the former in-charge of Bani Gala said.

Safi asked Shah what he believed was the reason behind Imran blindly following Bushra’s directions.

“I think it was something spiritual. Khan sahab isn’t that kind of person. But he was following her directions in a way that whatever she said, Khan sahab agreed,” Shah said.

He claimed that the leaked audio was real, saying that he and the former first lady had the conversation on a phone call.He said that his phone has audio and pictures related to the items brought from the Toshakhana. “Some items were short according to the list of items,” Shah said.

He further stated that there were different ordinary items sent from different countries.

Shah revealed that he used to take pictures of the items to keep a record, if needed later.

“Bushra Bibi probably had a suspicion that I sent these pictures to someone else. I and Anwar Zeb were summoned two to three days after this and when I was asked, I told them the reason for taking the pictures,” he said.

Shah said that Khurram Javed at that time was close to the-then prime minister Imran and looked after the affairs in the PM house.

He claimed that they “kept links with only rich people” who were requested to send different things as well.

“Some people also used to visit about whom it was said that their names can’t be revealed,” Shah said, adding that security officials were told just their car numbers to send them in.

“Zulfi Bukhari was close to Bushra Bibi but don’t know what happened that he was forbidden from any communication,” Shah said.

After that any communication with Bukhari used to be done through me, he added.

Shah accused the former first lady of creating differences between Imran and his close aide Jahangir Khan Tareen. “Bushra Bibi had an objection that why Tareen was so famous in Punjab.”Bibi had doubts about Awn Chaudry, he said, adding that she believed that Chaudry was loyal to Aleem Khan and Tareen.

“I and Awn Chaudry were distributing invitation cards when he was directed not to come [Bani Gala] from tomorrow,” revealed Shah.

He maintained that Chaudhry was told that Bibi did not like him, hence, he should avoid visiting Imran’s residence in the federal capital.

Shah also claimed that the former first lady was running all the government’s affairs, adding that she appointed Usman Buzdar as chief minister of Punjab.

Shah revealed that the former first lady would share her opinion after examining pictures of the candidates to be appointed for the official positions by the former premier.Every fortnight, the former Bani Gala in-charge said, the former first lady would sacrifice a goat for charity.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, chickens were brought and their meat was distributed as a charity, he claimed.

“Sometimes we used to throw the meat on the roof and sometimes we gave it to employees,” Shah added.

He further claimed that at times, “they would throw goat’s head in the graveyard”.

“We were told that in the cemetery, the goat’s head will be eaten by insects.”

He said the PTI chief used to discuss matters with Bushra Bibi and the former first lady was confident that former Punjab chief minister Usman Buzdar would work under her.

However, Pervez Khattak used to make some decisions himself while he was the chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“Bushra Bibi herself used to call Usman Buzdar and also through Farah Gogi.”

Shah said Bushra Bibi gave Rs30 million to be deposited into Imran’s account. “When I asked about what should I say if he [Imran] inquires about [this], she said, say that some household items have been sold,” Shah said.

He also revealed that he was aware of the normal balance in the former premier’s bank account.

However, it was the revelation of the Toshakhana case that he realised that this amount was from the sale of the watch, the former Bani Gala house in charge said while referring to the seven wristwatches — of which six were Rolex — including “Master Graff limited edition” valued at Rs85 million.

“The gifts were handed over to me which I then used to hand over to Bushra Bibi […] People used to send gifts, whereas some were [even] asked to give expensive items.”

“There were four to five people from whom gifts were demanded,” Shah revealed.

He also highlighted that ministers would request a meeting but Bushra Bibi used to turn them down.

Commenting on the former first lady’s previous marriage, Shah said that Khawar Maneka — her ex-husband — and their son never visited her, however, her daughter visited her often.

Bushra Bibi used to have telephonic conversations with her children, he added.

“I am not aware of who Bushra Bibi had links to with regards to Sufism,” Shah said adding “We were surprised how Khan Sahab [Imran] submitted to Bushra Bibi.”

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