PDM parties out to deceive people after defeat: PTI

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Tuesday alleged that after having been rejected by the people in the Feb 8 elections, the PDM’s components had started a new drama to deceive the people.

Reacting to the PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s news conference, the PTI spokesperson contended that had his thinking been democratic, he would have accepted the people’s mandate to the PTI instead of running a new campaign with the ‘pirates of Jati Umra’ and condemned the blatant desecration of the vote.

“Zardari’s son’s party has a dark history in accepting the people’s mandate. The PPP’s facilitation in open contempt of people’s mandate has left Pakistan deeply wounded by the separation of the East Pakistan,” the spokesman said.

He accused Bilawal of trying to keep his family and dynastic politics alive through naked dishonesty and power sharing at the behest of Zardari.

He charged that after the division of constitutional, government and parliamentary posts, the acting of distance (from ministries) will not be of any use to them nor will the people fall into their trap.

After the awareness given by Imran Khan, he claimed the nation knew that the PPP and PML-N were the two sides of the same coin responsible for plunging the people into the quagmire of inflation and destroying the country’s economy.

“The nation knows that Imran Khan is making unprecedented sacrifices to change the rotten system of which both of them were beneficiaries and wanted to strengthen it. The people will destroy the nefarious plans of securing the future of their present and future generations by mortgaging the future generations of the nation,” he noted.

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