Premier League strikes record-breaking $8.45b TV deal

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The Premier League just locked in a massive TV deal worth a staggering $8.45 billion for their domestic rights. This deal, set to kick off from the 2025/26 season, marks a significant increase from the previous one.

The Premier League revealed the historic television rights agreement totaling £6.7 billion for a four-year span, set to commence from the 2025/26 season. The deal marks a significant surge from the prior £5 billion, three-year agreement that encompassed 200 matches annually.

Under this agreement, Sky Sports and TNT Sports retained their rights to broadcast live matches. Sky will showcase at least 215 live games per season, while TNT will air 52. However, Amazon won’t be part of this new cycle despite currently showing 20 matches per season.

What’s new? Well, the blackout on Saturday afternoons, meant to protect lower league attendances, remains. But, for the first time, all matches not scheduled for 3:00 pm on Saturday will be live-screened.

The Premier League’s CEO, Richard Masters, hailed this deal as proof of their strength, attributing it to the competitive football and the unmatched atmosphere fans bring week after week. Sky Sports and TNT Sports were praised for their consistent top-notch coverage.

Financially, this deal provides stability for clubs until at least 2029, offering a significant advantage over European counterparts. The pandemic’s impact led to the extension of the previous deal in 2021, making this the first tender process since 2018.

This record-breaking TV deal comes after the Premier League’s international rights surpassed domestic ones last year, highlighting the league’s global appeal. Manchester City topped the Deloitte Football Money League, with 11 out of the top 20 clubs hailing from the Premier League.

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