Tareen, Dogar face-off in NA-149 Multan-I

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MULTAN: A closely contested battle is unfolding in NA-149 Multan-I, featuring heavyweight candidates such as Istehkam Party Pakistan patron-in-chief Jehangir Khan Tareen and independent candidate Malik Amir Dogar, a representative of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI).

Aijaz Janjua, the former PTI Multan district president, is also running as an independent.

No PMLN candidate is participating due to a seat adjustment with the IPP. Jehangir Khan Tareen is contesting from this constituency due to his ancestral home, which has deep-rooted ties to prominent families, including Pathan families, known for having significant voting clusters. Political observers in the constituency anticipate that the silent PTI vote may provide an edge to Malik Amir Dogar.

The PPP has nominated Rizwan Hans, an advocate contesting for the first time, backed by the Hans clan and the legal community.

According to the Election Commission of Pakistan, the constituency has a total of 523,235 registered voters, comprising 272,821 males and 250,414 females.

The present constituency, delineated as NA-155 Multan-II in the 2018 elections, had a total of 485,810 registered voters, including 260,780 males and 225,030 females. A comparison between registered voters from 2018 to 2024 indicates an estimated exclusion of 219,867 voters from the voter lists.

The constituency’s electoral landscape includes a total of 18 candidates participating in the 2024 elections, representing nine political parties and independent candidates.

Notable figures include IPP patron-in-chief Jehangir Khan Tareen, Amir Dogar of the PTI (independent), Aijaz Janjua of the TI, Rizwan Hans of the PPP, Hamid Gujjar of the TLP, Shoaib Amjad Pervez of the Pakistan Minority Movement, Zafar Iqbal of the Saraikistan Democratic Party, Rashid Salim Khanzada of the MQM, Muhammad Sadiq Serani of the JUPN, and Dr. Safdar Hashmi of the JI.

Independent candidates in the fray are Javed Ali, Shah Jahan, Umair Farooq, Muhammad Ismael, Osman Dogar, Muhammad Nahed, Muhammad Javed, Manzar Abbas, and Muhammad Amir Dogar.

In the 2018 elections (NA-155), Amir Dogar won the seat on the PTI ticket with 135,872 votes, defeating PMLN’s Sheikh Tariq Rashid, who got 54,856 votes. Other candidates and independent contestants had received varying numbers of votes.

In the 2013 elections (NA-149), Javed Hashmi won the slot on the PTI ticket with 83,569 votes, defeating PMLN’s Sheikh Muhammad Tariq Rasheed.

PPP candidate Malik Muhammad Aamir Dogar and other independent candidates also participated in the elections.

In the 2008 elections (NA-149), Sheikh Muhammad Tariq Rasheed of the PMLN secured 37,143 votes, winning against Malik Liaquat Ali Dogar of the PPP, who had received 24,531 votes. Several independent candidates had also contested that election.

The current electoral scenario in NA-149 Multan-I reflects the rich political history of the constituency, marked by significant contests and diverse representation. The political dynamics and voter demographics suggest an engaging electoral battle ahead.

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