US President Joe Biden plots revenge strikes on Iran

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President Joe Biden is thinking about bombarding naval targets as he prepares a retaliatory strike against the Iran-backed forces responsible for the deaths of three US servicemen.

It occurs as authorities assert that because there was uncertainty about whether or not the drone was hostile, air defences were unable to thwart the oncoming attack on an American base in Jordan on Saturday, according to the Sun.

The attack signalled a significant escalation in the Middle East crisis as it was the first US fatality from enemy fire since the commencement of the Israel-Hamas war.

Breonna Moffett, a 23-year-old US soldier who was reportedly on her first tour of duty, was one of the three soldiers who died.

Biden’s national security team met in private on Monday to discuss the “unacceptable” incident; officials stated they are getting ready to retaliate violently.

A “very consequential response” would be implemented, according to John Kirby, the national security spokesperson for the White House.

He declared that the US would not “escalate” the situation and ruled out the option of attacking Iran directly.

However, he said: “We will absolutely do what is required to protect ourselves.”

Biden’s response might be “multi-levelled, come in stages and be sustained over time,” according to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

As the US reels from the attack, Biden is now debating whether to strike Iranian forces’ bases or naval assets in the Persian Gulf.

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