Over 60,000 undocumented Afghans return via Torkham

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PESHAWAR: Officers of the district administration and revenue department have been directed across the province to collect data of properties owned by the undocumented foreigners as government said over 60,000 have returned to thier homes via Torkham in the last few weeks.

It has been learnt that all the deputy and assistant commissioners, tehsildars and patwaris have been issued orders to collect the details of properties and businesses owned by the undocumented foreigners or the people uknown.

The mechanism is yet to be decided as to how these properties will be identified after some of the staff members also raised the question.

On the other hand, the provincial government has said that those going back voluntarily will be facilitated by the authorities to return via Torkham. After the October 31, the government will launch operation and will take action against them and all those who will try to create any hurdle in the process.

On late Wednesday night, chief minister Azam Khan in a statement said that 60,000 undocumented foreigners have gone back via Torkham already. He said camps are being set up in Peshawar, Land Kotal and Haripur to facilitate the returning families.

The CM added apart from doctors, food and other facilities will be provided to these families while special care will be taken of women and children.

The Home Department, Police, district administration and other concerned bodies have been assigned tasks to identify and deport all those foreigners who do not posses any document that legalize thier stay in Pakistan.

The lists of such undocumented individuals and families will be compiled and sent to the concerned police stations for action.

The KP Police have already been directed not to bother any of the Afghans who posses Proof of Registration cards or Afghan Citizen Cards as the operation is only against the undocumented foreigners.

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