PBC hails SC judgment on military courts

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Bar Council hailed the recent Supreme Court judgment that deemed the trial of May 9 suspects in military courts as unconstitutional.

Haroonur Rashid and Hassan Raza Pasha, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), conveyed their consistent stance during a reception held in honour of the Press Association of the Supreme Court. They said that civilians should not be subjected to trials within military courts.

Replying to a question, Hassan Pasha disclosed that the Pakistan Bar Council had initiated a reconciliatory effort among the three major political parties six months earlier. The council held discussions with the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI), the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), and the Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN).

He said that while PTI Chairman Imran Khan was unwilling to engage in discussions with other political parties, the leadership of the PPP and former prime minister Shehbaz Sharif had expressed readiness for dialogue.

Hassan Raza said that the Pakistan Bar Council remained committed to playing a conciliatory role between the country’s political forces. However, he clarified that the onus is on the political parties to come to the negotiation table.

Meanwhile, Tayyab Baloch, President of the Press Association of the Supreme Court (PAS), extended gratitude to the Pakistan Bar Council for honouring the association. He commended the council’s efforts in providing legal assistance to the journalist community. He mentioned the existence of a committee established by the Pakistan Bar Council, dedicated to offering legal support to journalists in their cases, and requested its reactivation. Hassan Raza Pasha confirmed that the said committee remains operational.

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